Freespins in Online Casinos

Free spins are extra spins of a reel which players don’t pay for with real money. They are additional shots to keep you going on specific games for free for a designated period. Online casinos popularly offer free spins. So if you have 20 free spins from an online casino, you have 20 more shots to spin on a specific slot machine. The likes of no deposit free spins and deposit free spins are famous and adored among online gamers.

Once you have completed your registration, many online casinos give you free spins without making any deposit. These are termed no deposit bonuses. The casino automatically loads the no deposit free spins to your account, and you can start playing the allocated games with them at once. Deposit bonuses are tied to player deposits often in the form of a welcome package. We will address it subsequently.

Free spins have proven to have exceptional pulling power for online casinos; hence these casinos are making the best of the allure of free spins to attract new customers.  Online casinos also offer free spins as loyalty rewards, cashbacks, and match bonuses. Such free spins can be added to players’ account sometimes weekly or monthly or in a special slots promotion. The central idea is to keep you the player happy and spice up your gaming experience.

Free spins are aligned to certain online games.  The likes of Starbust quickly come to mind in this instance. Often, casino free spins are also targeted at promoting specific online slots, attracting players to try out those selected slot games with their free spins with zero risk.

Earnings from your free spins usually are not credited to your account immediately. Most online casinos observe the protocol of subjecting such winnings (from free spins) to laid out wagering requirements before the winnings are available for cashout.

However, in some special scenarios, winnings you accumulate from your free spins are not subject to wagering requirement and are immediately credited to your account for cashout. This is common with “honest spins” and special VIP casino free spins. For honest free spins, they are completely wager-free; your earnings are quickly credited to your account with no unnecessary ceremony or delay.

In other cases, the wagering requirement loosens up with more comfortable conditions depending on the loyalty or VIP level of the player. Players in top VIP levels enjoy the luxury of being the first to play new games with casino free spins. The online casino credits the accounts of such prestigious players with the free spins for such games once the games are released.

No deposit free spins are fundamentally aimed at attracting more signups. Other casino free spins come along with the overall welcome casino bonus package including the percentage bonus. These casino free spins can be tied to your deposits.

Therefore upon consequent deposits you make like your first, second, third deposit, the online casino will award you more free spins. Commonly, casino free spins tend to range upwards of 20 free spins for the first deposit free spins.


Casino free spins are interesting options to get accustomed to how certain online slot games work without you having to play with real money. With such facility, you have the calmness of a no-risk environment to learn which slot games are worth your time. While free spins are normally allocated to a specific pack of games, some special free spins apply to all the slot games in the online casino’s collection.

Therefore casino free spins are great for new online slot players. In this sense, free spins ease you in just as much as you calmly learn with demo and free slots machines. The difference this time is that with free spins, you are not just learning. There is the earning prospect as well as you could increase your bankroll with winnings.


Acquiring free spin casino bonuses depends on the type of free spin in question. For example, no deposit free spins are credited to your account once you open an account with the online casino often via a special link and you can successfully verify that account.

Deposit free spins as we have said are unlocked with your deposit while there are loyalty free spins casino bonuses awarded to players based on patronage.

Notwithstanding, we will point out here that most free spins vary by the country of the player. Online casinos are known to offer differing free spin casino bonuses to players from different countries. The same online casino that offers no deposit free spins to players from the UK may not have no deposit free spins for players from New Zealand.


Casino free spins can give you great returns if maximized appropriately. Let us explore some strategies to help you make the most of your free spin casino bonus.

In the situations where your bankroll permits you, go for online slots with bigger minimum wagers. Typically, as the minimum wager rises, so also the value of your spins. The end product is that you are playing spins with higher winning potential.

Accordingly, it is crucial to identify online slots with the most attractive RTP. RTP here means Return to Player which signifies the percentage of returns you stand to get from your free spins. The higher the RTP, the better obviously. In a situation where you are caught between games of the same spin value, the next parameter that would aid your selection process is the RTP. Go for the game with the higher RTP.

In circumstances where you are playing multiplier online slots, it is crucial that the multipliers are not just multiple spins but rather the multipliers apply across every single spin. When the multiplier option applies to all individual spins, your potential rewards get higher.

Always devise a well-structured strategy for playing your free spins. This would require you to have sufficient knowledge of how your desired online slot game works. Take time to look through the terms and conditions associated with the free spins. What are the requirements for withdrawing them as well?

Don’t just jump on any online slot with your free spins, you could blow them up carelessly. Aside from mastering the technique of that online slot game, explore more about that online slot game by reading through reviews, look through the Paytables as well.

In addition to the technical expertise required to maximize your free spin casino bonus, there is also the place of emotional management. How well can you keep your emotions in check? The truth is that in a financial environment like online casinos where money is involved, emotions tend to rush unrestrainedly and you end up making hurried emotionally-inspired decisions.

If possible, keep the emotions as far off as possible and play your free spins with your head. Stay calm, set targets, focus on them and remorselessly accept your losses. A break wouldn’t hurt during a losing streak.


Here is a rundown of the primary criteria with which you should filter your free spin casino bonuses.

The game selection for which the free spins applies

As earlier spelled out, not all free spins apply for all online slots on offer by the online casino. Customarily, the online casino stipulates the batch of games (or online slots) for which you can use each type of free spin. So for example, if you enjoy Starburst or Thunderkick’s Zoom, you should be looking for free spins that work for such games.

Are the wagering requirements reasonable?

It is unfortunate that some online casinos deliberately make the wagering requirements for their free spin casino bonuses difficult to fulfill. This compromises the intrinsic generosity of this free spins. How free are free spins when the playthroughs are almost impossible?

There have also been questionable incidences of free spins riddled with hidden fees. This is not worth it.

Therefore it is important that the wagering requirements for your free spins are fair. If you possibly hit free spins casino bonuses that are wager-free, hurray!

Payment methods and the customer support of the online casino

Despite the attractiveness (or amount) of the free spins, we want to be able to withdraw the winnings we get from these free spins – possibly if we successfully fulfill the wagering requirements. Thus you have to keep an eye on the payment methods of the online casino. Is your desired payment method supported? If not, the biggest free spin casino bonus in the world is not worth your time.

The customer support of the online casino is also important.  Eventualities could pop up, and you will need support from the customer care department. The responsiveness of the customer care department now comes into question. Do they take weeks and months before they respond to your queries or hours? Also what languages do the customer support offer? Is your preferred language included? These are questions you should be asking before you select any free spin casino bonus.

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