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Live casinos are an emerging sensation in online gambling. Live dealer casinos closely mirror the experience and gaming environment of a physical casino but this time can be played from anywhere. This is different from your conventional online casino. Here the casino player can place his wager in a traditional casino through a live casino dealer.


This brings together the thrill of a brick and mortar casino together with the remoteness of an online casino. The live casino dealer here is a human dealer who enables you to participate in games in real time from the comfort of your computer.

Bets are presented in computerized graphics along with the game board itself. There is the function of the live chat for quick real-time communication between the player and the player just in case of any query or assistance when you play live casino.


Live casinos are enjoying an explosion in popularity in the online gambling space. More online gaming enthusiasts are trooping in considering the entertainment and convenience it gives them abundantly. The technology operated by these live casinos is not lacking either as we have industry leaders like Amaya, Microgaming, and Playtech pulling the strings and ensuring the gaming experience is smooth, crisp and uninterrupted just like you would enjoy in a physical casino.

How live dealer casinos work

Notably, live casinos have attractive playing conditions. The payback percentages are enticing especially for slots. Table games give you high odds of winning even in the face of the significant house edge. This is such that you are not missing a grain of what you get from your brick and mortar casino.


Here, the live casino dealer handles the physical transactions and transfer them into data form which would be operated by the Optical Character Recognition (OCR)software. The essence of this software is to accurately simulate the experience of a physical casino ensuring there is very little to choose between the live dealer casino and your traditional land-based casinos. Similarly, there is no automation in the results of the games; results are essentially decided by the live casino dealer.


Gamers who play live casino can closely monitor the proceedings in the course of gameplay. Therefore immediately the player places his bet, he is allowed the supervisory privilege of tracking the ball seeing where it ultimately rests.


Thus when if you play live casino roulette for example, you have full observation of the wheel spins. You can clearly see which number the ball drops on. Therefore you are not compelled to believe whatever random outcomes an automated software generates for you.


In the same vein, when you play live casino blackjack, the live casino dealer deals the card of which you can closely monitor the mode in which these cards are dealt at the table. This technology overall ensures the process is transparent eliminating any doubt about how legitimate the live casino is or how credible the live casino dealer is. We will be addressing this subsequently.


Based on your game selection, the live dealer casino could up the speed of the game or even reduce it as compared to what you get in physical casinos.  Conventionally, most live dealer casinos operate a range of eighty to 100 spins on an hourly basis for roulette.


Therefore, it is up to you to ramp up the speed or drop it depending on your convenience. Upon the completion of your bet placing and consequent result announcements, you could proceed to the next round.


Despite the increasing popularity of live casinos, the truth remains that operating live casinos don’t come cheap especially for the dealer live casino. The cost is significant for the casino in terms of procuring the apparatus for smooth operation of the live casino experience. Commonly, we see the live casino acquiring a camera operator, pit boss, professional croupiers, and even an IT expert.


Most live dealer casinos have the live video link functionality connecting the croupier. The croupier operates in the same capacity as your brick and mortar casino. He deals the cards, recognizes bets, reacts to players’ actions as well as spin wheels.  The interaction between the players and the live dealer casino is built around video streaming technology.


The aforementioned live dealer casino chat functionality allows you to engage the live casino dealer in a real-time chat. You can communicate with your fellow players via this chat feature. While it is not 100% the same experience of walking sitting behind a blackjack table in your traditional land-based casinos, we must applaud the extent to which live dealer casinos simulate the experience of physical casinos.


Owing to the relatively hefty financial demand of running a live casino, most live dealer casinos limit their game offerings. Therefore, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the multitude of games you customarily enjoy in the physical casino or in an online casino. Nevertheless, common games offered by a live casino include roulette, Texas Holdem, blackjack, dream catcher, baccarat, wheel of fortune themes and sic bo. Running virtual games is practically less expensive than running a live casino.

Why should you play live casino?


While many gasp in the marvel of online casinos, as well as the engrossing experience of playing in brick and mortar casinos, why should you choose to play live casino? We will tell you.


Live dealer casinos are spectacular and present a wealth of unique gaming experience rare in the world of online gambling. It is terrific how no live dealer casinos transfer the experience of land-based casinos to your mobile phone or computer.  The implication? You can enjoy a complete gaming experience of a real-life casino on your pajamas without having to set foot outside your home. How convenient is this?


The croupier of the live dealer casino serves you efficiently; you communicate interactively with your fellow players and keep a keen eye on proceedings. For games that are more immersive, it is within your power to alter the camera angles, so you don’t miss a bit of the action. In all, you can enjoy that enthralling experience of land-based casinos from your remote comfort.


When you play live casino, the atmosphere is more exciting than in your typical online casino. There is the emotional spice of beautiful human dealers who can make the atmosphere livelier with lovely banters. Some live dealer casinos afford you the choice of opting for tables with more than one human dealer. This pumps up the atmosphere with more thrill, a livelier conversation, and more engaged players.


Many live dealer casinos work in studios having well-adorned backgrounds further equipped with regulation tables. This is livelier than the computer-generated themes of online casinos.


Effectively, here is one distinct feature that separates live dealer casinos from online casinos. Online casinos most times are operated by the random number generator (RNG) software. It is this software that is responsible for your outcomes (wheel spin, card draw or even dice throw). However in a live casino, rather than have the random number generator (RNG), we have a live casino dealer running the scene under the close watch of players.


On a whole, the mechanics of live dealer casinos is splendid accounting for pleasurale and engaging gameplay. The experience elegantly sits between that of an online casino and that of a brick and mortar casino.

How credible are live dealer casinos?


It is common to inquire about the credibility of live dealer casinos before you play live casino. In most cases, most players spill their doubts over the transparency of brick and mortar casinos to live dealer casinos. Here is the answer: there is nothing to worry about.


Transparency of live dealer casinos is epic as the chances of being cheated are very minuscule if ever such chances exist in the first place. Why do we trust live dealer casinos so much?


First, most live dealer casinos hold licenses from very reputable and no-nonsense regulatory commissions. They would relinquish such painstakingly-earned license if they are ever found guilty of cheating or manipulating live casino games. Additionally, periodic tests are carried out by third party gaming labs to ascertain the credibility and fairness of the games the live dealer casino offers.


Aside from the regulatory license and third-party testing, in a live dealer casino setting, players are not oblivious of proceedings. On the contrary, the live dealer works under the full glare and supervision of the players.  You will see the dealer dealing the cards very clearly as well as how he is shuffling the cards. Also to eliminate any chance of ripping off players, the live dealer burns top cards on the thwarted counters as well as on the deck. Even the most masterful conman would struggle to swindle the cards in this setting.

Following this, in this guide, we will talk about how to choose live dealer casinos as well as list out our top live casinos. But before that, let us address more popular questions you would encounter when you play live casino. First is the question of if the live dealer (or your fellow players) see you.

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